Thursday, 26 March, 2020 UTC


β–Ί Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: βœ… ANDROID: βœ… PC: and get a special starter pack πŸ’₯ Available only for the next 30 days! Been looking forward to this! Here are my first impressions & 10 min of gameplay. β–Ί Check out our VR equipment β†’ β–Ί Subscribe to see more videos like this one β†’ Down The Rabbit Hole is a VR adventure and puzzle game that you play partly in 3rd person and party in 1st person. It’s also set in the universe of Alice in Wonderland, so you can expect some random craziness. I’m only about an hour in so in this video, I’ll show you the first 10 min. of gameplay to give you an idea of the game, and at the end, I’ll share my first impressions. The full VR game is available from today for both Oculus Quest & PC VR headsets. LINKS - Down The Rabbit Hole on Steam: - Down The Rabbit Hole on Oculus (PCVR): - Down The Rabbit Hole on Oculus Quest: - Get an Oculus Quest (US): - Get an Oculus Quest (UK): - Get an Oculus Quest (NL): (Coolblue) SUPPORT THE CONTENT β–Ί Become our Patron (includes exclusive rewards) β†’ β–Ί Become a Sponsor on YouTube (includes exclusive rewards) β†’ β–Ί Check out our VR Merch β†’ USE OUR LINKS TO SUPPORT US β–Ί VRcover β†’ β–Ί VR Prescription Lens Adapters (5% discount code: "CAS&CHARY") β†’ β–Ί Oculus Quest Comfort Strap (5% discount code: "CAS&CHARY") β†’ β–Ί Play PC VR games with your Quest (10% discount code: "JWGTCASCHARY") β†’ β–Ί More on our website β†’ OUR GEAR Our VR equipment β†’ Full PC Specs β†’ GET LATEST UPDATES Twitter β†’ Facebook β†’ Instagram β†’ Join our Discord β†’ A special thanks to these Patreon Champs for their support: - artArmin: - BaxornVR: - Wintceas - Studioform VR - Andy - Albert - Ben P. - Steve Dunlap MUSIC Music we use is from Epidemic Sounds β†’ DISCLAIMER Links in this description may contain affiliate links. A small referral fee will go to the channel if you use it which supports the content. VR on! - Cas and Chary VR #downtherabbithole #downtherabbitholevr #oculusquest