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With the arrival of the Meta Quest Pro comes a new wave of interactive mixed reality games and apps.
Despite having only just launched, Meta’s latest VR headset already features a solid lineup of mixed reality content that take advantage of Meta’s full-color passthrough technology to blend the physical and virtual worlds.
The following are five standout mixed reality games and apps you can play right now on the Meta Quest Pro, the first in Meta’s new line of high-end VR devices.

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

  • Price: Free
To celebrate the launch of Meta Quest Pro, veteran developer Schell Games released a brand new mixed reality “mini-mission” based on the hit VR series I Expect You To Die. Whereas the first two games immerse you in a wide variety of fully-virtual locations, I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home takes advantage of the Quest Pro’s full-color passthrough to transform your living room into a spy-themed escape room.
Much like the original, you’ll be tasked with solving a collection of deadly puzzles in a set amount of time. The game requires a decent amount of physical space; you’ll be moving around your environment quite a bit as you solve puzzles and seek out hidden clues. The game, while brief, makes excellent use of the Quest Pro’s mixed reality capabilities.
Sip your coffee (and actually see where to place it) and slay monsters as you descend through the dungeons. Demeo is now available in mixed reality on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro via Passthrough!
— Demeo (@DemeoGame) October 25, 2022


  • Price: $29.99
Originally released back in May of 2021, Resolution Games’ tabletop dungeon-crawler Demeo is one of the most addicting VR games available on Quest 2. Normally, the game is played from a fully-virtual basement environment to really sell that Dungeons & Dragons feel. With the launch of the Quest Pro, however, comes a new passthrough mode that allows you to loot dungeons from the comfort of your living room.
Seeing the animated game pieces come to life on my coffee table was a surreal feeling, as was rolling the dice and watching them fall off the table onto my living room floor. Demeo is a perfect example of an excellent game made even better by full-color passthrough.
With a professional work headset (@Meta #QuestPro), you need a professional work app. Meet @ImmersedVR.

Upto 5 Virtual Screens + phone/tablets in VR! #vr #ar #xr #meta #metaquestpro #connect #oculus #passthrough #virtualreality #mixedreality #augmentedreality
— Immersed (@ImmersedVR) October 13, 2022


  • Price: Free
You may have seen an interesting clip floating around the web recently in which the Quest Pro is used to project several desktop monitors over the real world. What you were seeing was Immersed, an immersive coworking app that allows you to meet up with teammates and stream your personal computer in VR. The app lets you project up to five virtual screens at a time as well as smartphones and tablets.
The Quest Pro allows you to jump between fully-virtual meetings and your own mixed reality workspace with ease using the full-color passthrough. There’s even support for hand-tracking, allowing you to ditch the controllers and interact with the UI as well as compatible keyboards with your own two hands.

Puzzling Places

  • Price: $14.99
Puzzling Places is yet another example of an existing VR game made better by full-color passthrough technology. In this unique VR puzzle experience from developer, you’re tasked with assembling 3D puzzles of real-world locations captured in stunning detail using volumetric capture technology.
Not only do these 3D models look extremely real, each one features real audio captured on location. You can literally hear each puzzle come to life as it’s being assembled. The developers are constantly adding new content, whether it be free puzzles or paid DLC packs, which means plenty in the way of puzzle-solving.

Figmin XR

  • Price: $19.95
Powered by Tilt Brush, Figmin XR is a unique app that allows you to populate the real world with 3D models, animated GIFs, 2D videos, and more. If you’ve taken the time to map your room, these digital items will interact realistically with your furniture and walls. You can decorate your space with art or build physics-driven contraptions.
While the tutorial does a solid job of introducing you to the core gameplay mechanics, the real fun of Figmin XR is discovering new combinations by experimenting with different objects.
Image Credit: Schell Games
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