Friday, 20 August, 2021 UTC


Today we check out Horizon Workroom, the new Social Application for the Oculus Quest 2, official and with some very cool implementations! Let's meet also with Mike from VR Oasis, GT and Matt from BMF! Is it better than any other social apps out there? What is it missing? Let's discover it together in this video! ► LINKS To Request free silicon cover: ► Win an Oculus Quest 2 each Month HERE :) GT Channel: BMF Channel: VR Oasis Channel: ------------------------------ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL :) ► Become a VR Techy Patreon → ► Become a Sponsor on YouTube → ► Get some VR Tech Merch → ► VRCovers HERE: ------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ON: ►Twitter → ►Facebook → ► Instagram → ►Join our Discord → ------------------------------ A BIG THANKS to my VR Techy Patreons for their support: Trond Hjerde, Dinesh Punni, Randy Leestma, yu gao, Daniel Nehring II, Alexandre Soares da Silva, Kiyoshi Akita, Tolino Marco, Infligo ------------------------------- MUSIC ► My Music from Epidemic Sounds → -------------------------------- #OculusQuest2 #HorizonWorkrooms #Social