Thursday, 3 June, 2021 UTC


During a recent interview, we finally were able to have a glimpse of the future of VR and AR from Oculus and of course Facebook, with new Details on a Brand New Operating System, Brain Human interface directly from Facebook and more new details on the Oculus Quest 2 platform. We will go through the conversation with Mark Zuckenberg and Andrew Boz to discover the progress in our fav medium! Let's get into it! LINK HERE: ► Full Conversation: ► VRLauncher for Oculus Quest 2 Updates preview - (download "app-release.apk", then sideload it and select "DOGFOOD_HUB" from the dropdown menu inside the app and click the "GO" button) Basti Channel: ► For the Next videos and to get all the information: → ------------------------------ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL :) ► Become a VR Techy Patreon → ► Become a Sponsor on YouTube → ► Get some VR Tech Merch → ► VRCovers HERE: ------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ON: ►Twitter → ►Facebook → ► Instagram → ►Join our Discord → ------------------------------ A BIG THANKS to my VR Techy Patreons for their support: Trond Hjerde, Dinesh Punni, Randy Leestma, yu gao, Daniel Nehring II, Alexandre Soares da Silva, Kiyoshi Akita, Tolino Marco ------------------------------- MUSIC ► My Music from Epidemic Sounds → -------------------------------- #OculusQuest2 #Oculus #Facebook 00:00 : INTRO 00:25 : Road to 100k - Nuts for Nuts 00:48 : Virtual WORKROOMS 02:00 : NEURAL INTERFACE INPUT 04:04 : A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM 05:26 : Mark Zuck Fav Games 05:52 : Advertisement in VR 06:35 : Lower The Barrier to New Tech 07:48 : New Hidden Updates Oculus Quest 2 09:00 : DLSS in VR Tested 10:24 : OUTRO