Tuesday, 30 June, 2020 UTC


Downpour Interactive and Coatsink today announced that Onward, the VR tactical shooter, is coming to Oculus Quest on July 30th.
Downpour Interactive founder Dante Buckley first announced the studio was making a Quest port of Onward back at last year’s ESL VR League Season three championship, stating that the game would would feature cross-play with both Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets.
The studio has made good on its word, and in the meantime also included Coatsink, the studio behind the Esper VR series and Shadow Point (2019), as publisher.
Image courtesy Downpour Interactive, Coatsink
“I’m incredibly excited for Onward to come to the Oculus Quest: to have players be inspired by the freedom of the platform while at the same time experiencing the realism and immersion that Onward brings to the table. And I think I speak for my whole team when I say we’re excited to see our players get their hands on the game after almost a year of development,” said Buckley.
The Quest version is said to include all of the game’s standard features, including solo and co-op game modes, and multiplayer battles with up to ten players. Bringing a greater focus on realism, Onward doesn’t include mini-maps, or crosshairs, as players rely on real-world communication, shooting, and navigation skills to accomplish objectives.
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The release on Quest will, like its PC VR versions, be available in Early Access when it first launches on the Oculus Store on July 30th, priced at $25.
There’s no time frame on when the game is said to leave EA, as the studio says it still needs to add “finishing touches, improving stability, optimisations to the game’s source code, and general polish.”
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