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TL;DR: Pay what you want for the Essential 2022 Excel Wizard Bundle. Beat the average price to get access to everything.

Excel is a remarkably useful program for data organisation and analysis. The only problem is that it’s not super user-friendly if you’re still learning. Once you’ve mastered some key functions, Excel could be a useful tool for you in a variety of industries, if not in your everyday life. 
If a data management tool that could do everything from helping you budget to automating data collection sounds useful, then you may want to check out the Essential 2022 Excel Wizard Bundle. This 14-hour Excel training bundle is having a "Pay What You Want" sale, so you decide how much you want to spend. How much of this bundle you purchase is up to you. To get the full set of 11 courses, you would have to beat the average price other users have selected.
If you purchase the whole bundle, you get a wide variety of Excel training. Each course is available to you for life once you have it, so the only urgency to study is your own. Decide the pace you learn and practice at your pleasure. All you would need is your own copy of Excel. 
Course topics cover a variety of Excel skills. In “Excel Magic 1: Build Dynamic Formulas with Excel,” you could learn about intermediate and advanced Excel skills that could be useful in an office. These include formulas, table formulas, array formulas, sorting, and Xlookup. Just these functions could help you organise and understand large sets of data faster than manual analysis, saving you time and effort. 
Working through other courses could show you functions for budgeting, tools for automating data scraping from websites, and a variety of other useful formulas that can change how you see your spreadsheets. 
Pay what you want for the Essential 2022 Excel Wizard Bundle. If you beat the average, you get the full set of courses. If you also beat the leader’s price on the payment leaderboard, you would be entered into a VR gaming giveaway.
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