Wednesday, 23 June, 2021 UTC


It's finally HERE! The Full Virtual Reality Mod for Valheim is now available to download, and it's absolutely unbelievable! Let's jump in the Survival Game that took the world by Storm just some months ago for the first time! The Game supports Oculus Quest 2 Via Link, Valve Index, and also WMR with the Reverb G2! So let's check it out together, let's see how to install it and if it's really worth it! Let's get into it! ► LINKS Vortex: Velheim VR Mod: Step by Step Guide: Win an Oculus Quest 2 each Month HERE :) ------------------------------ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL :) ► Become a VR Techy Patreon → ► Become a Sponsor on YouTube → ► Get some VR Tech Merch → ► VRCovers HERE: ------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ON: ►Twitter → ►Facebook → ► Instagram → ►Join our Discord → ------------------------------ A BIG THANKS to my VR Techy Patreons for their support: Trond Hjerde, Dinesh Punni, Randy Leestma, yu gao, Daniel Nehring II, Alexandre Soares da Silva, Kiyoshi Akita, Tolino Marco, Infligo ------------------------------- MUSIC ► My Music from Epidemic Sounds → -------------------------------- #Valheim #VirtualReality #VR 00:00 : INTRO 01:00 : Get Your VR! 01:10 : GAMEPLAY 08:38 : NIGHT! 09:40 : IN THE FOG 10:35: HOW TO INSTALL IT 11:35 : BEST SETTINGS 12:03 : VR HEADSETS SUPPORTED 12:30 : CONCLUSIONS