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Thursday, 11 February, 2021 UTC

TTL the Most Expensive VR - XTAL 8k vs Reverb G2 vs Quest 2!

Here we are with a new through the Lenses Video! This time again with something Exclusive!! We are gonna see together the most expensive Virtual Reality Headset on the market through the Lenses, comparing it with the HP reverb G2, and the well known Oculus ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 4 February, 2021 UTC

Oculus and Apple Glasses May arrive Sooner than Expected!

In this video we are gonna talk about 2 major things. The Oculus Glasses, might arrive sooner than expected, as early this year and the new rumors about the Apple VR Glasses, with 8k resolution, dozen of cameras and a slick design. So, let's discover ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 2 February, 2021 UTC

Oculus Quest 2 Update v25 w/ App-Lab Is HUGE!!

The newest Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 Update v25 is now available and starting to Roll Out! This Update adds the biggest Feature APP-LAB, but it's actually already available! 80 and 90hz for link on usb 2.0 and much more! Let's discover it together ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 29 January, 2021 UTC

The Oculus Quest 3 is Real. Already.

This is not a leak or rumor, this is directly from Mark Zuckerberg himself, who confirmed that Oculus is already working on New Hardware for this year, 2021. What does it mean? What should we expect from it? Are we talking about the Oculus Quest 3 Already? ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 27 January, 2021 UTC

This is the $38,400 VR/AR Headset.

Canon today unveiled a new trailer of its next VR/AR ( or XR) Headset, with a price tag of 38,400 dollars coming on the market this February. How is it even possibile? What is so special about it? well, let's discover it together in this video. prepare ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 26 January, 2021 UTC

The Brain-Computer Interface is Already HERE! & it's UNBELIEVABLE!

Have you ever thought about controlling your pc, games, experiences not with your mouse, keyboard or controller, but just with a thought, just with your mind? That's what NextMind is doing already right now, creating an input with what you are focusing ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 21 January, 2021 UTC

Apple is Working on a Standalone Headset for Next Year.

It's no secret that Apple was already at work on a future XR Headset, but instead of the AR Glasses that we were expecting from the beginning, it seems like we might receive a Virtual Reality Headset as early as Next Year. A Standalone one! So let's discover ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 20 January, 2021 UTC

THROUGH THE LENSES - PS4 vs PS5 - Hitman III, Blood and Truth, etc. PSVR

Here we are with the new update Comparison! Welcome to another Through the Lenses Video! In this video I wanted to show the jump between the PS4 Pro and the PS5 support on PSVR! Is it really a difference there? Is it enough to justify a console upgrade ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 14 January, 2021 UTC

Virtual Reality Contact Lenses and Goggles are Now a Thing.

Here we are again talking about CES 2021, because for sure it didn't stop to surprise, today we saw more Virtual Reality Headset, Small, Futuristic and Ultra Cheap, New Goggles and even Contact Lenses. So let's see discover together Mojo Vision, The new ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 11 January, 2021 UTC

CES 2021 Started BIG.

In just the first day we saw many different new different Groundbreaking technologies, like new Displays with light-field, new Haptic Gloves, new VR and AR Headsets, and also New Controllers for the Next Samsung Odyssey! Yes, this year Started very big! ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 8 January, 2021 UTC

The Oculus Quest 2 Competitors are Finally COMING!

There is not much about standalone VR to talk about, besides well, the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Oculus kind of created and grew this category of VR by itself, and created kind of a Monopoly. But things seem likely to change very soon, many new ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 5 January, 2021 UTC

Unboxing the MOST EXPENSIVE Virtual Reality Headset - XTAL 8K

Is there any better way to start in 2021? Here we are with the Virtual Reality Headset that packs every single tech available right now on the market, the XTAL 8k! The 9 thousand Dollar headset, with eye tracking, hand tracking, tracking addons, automatic ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 31 December, 2020 UTC

2020 in Virtual Reality was INCREDIBLE!

This video wants to be a celebration of what 2020 ( despite its actual real reality ) was for Virtual Reality. Probably the biggest and most important year yet. So let's rediscover 2020, was it the year of VR? Is it finally time to jump on board? Well, ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 28 December, 2020 UTC

The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Games | Best Quest 2 Games to Start!!

You just got the Oculus Quest 2 or you are looking for some hidden gems you might have missed? Well, here we are gonna check out the best VR games to get for the Oculus Quest 2, the order to get them, to be able to don't spoil your VR experience and get ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 22 December, 2020 UTC

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR is Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!

It's finally HERE! The Virtual Reality update for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is now available to download! In this video we are gonna flight together over New York City, with me as a guide, to discover together this amazing game! The Game supports ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 18 December, 2020 UTC

This Accessory makes you Feel the RECOIL in VR!

Royale Archer VR: Here we are with the ForceTube, an accessory for the Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR to make you feel gun Recoil in Virtual Reality! Adding rumble and a recoil feedback to your Gunstock! How does it work? Does it enhance ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 14 December, 2020 UTC

The Oculus Rift S is Now $299! Good BUY still with Quest 2??

Oculus on surprise cut the cost of the Oculus Rift S, its latest and last PC VR headset, but should you consider it at this sweet price even in light of what's going to happen next year? what are the reasons to still consider it in 2020-2021? Well, let's ... more - [email protected]

Saturday, 12 December, 2020 UTC

VR Buying Guide 2020-2021! Which Headset Should You Buy?

Here is the Definitive buyers guide to Virtual Reality. We are gonna through how to get in VR for the first time, what headset to look for, in the used and New market, what are the top 3 choices to make, and of course which one is my favorite! Let's go ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 10 December, 2020 UTC

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond - Gameplay 1st Mission Walkthrough - No commentary (Quest 2 Link)

Here is the First Mission of the awaited come back of the Medal of Honor series! Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond! Let's enjoy together this amazing game, helping the French resistance against the German forces. This is the first mission! No commentary! ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 7 December, 2020 UTC

This Headset Reads your Brain and Speaks for You.

Pancake house sponsor: Steam link: Playstation Store link: This one is very interesting indeed! Cognixion is bringing to the market the first-ever Headset with Integrated Human Brain Interface, in which you ... more - [email protected]

Saturday, 5 December, 2020 UTC

This Might be the CHEAPEST Motion Sim you can Buy!! Any Good!? - YAW VR

This might be the cheaperst Full Motion Simulator available on the market! Great for driving and flighting experience for the maximum immersion! The price seemed too good to be true so let's see together if it is worth it or not! Let's discover together ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 1 December, 2020 UTC

The Human Eye Resolution Headset is Already HERE! - Varjo XR-3

Today is a great day, because a new headset just got announced and released! We are talking about the Varjo VR-3 and XR-3, the Highest resolution headsets on the market, with their bionic display technology, packed with sensors and features rare on the ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 27 November, 2020 UTC

THROUGH THE LENSES - Quest 2 Link Beta vs Final LINK UPDATE v23

Here we are with the new update Comparison! Welcome to another Through the Lenses Video! In this video I wanted to show the jump between the Oculus Quest 2 link beta and the Oculus Quest 2 v23 Update! The Final Update for Link, that it's finally of course ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 UTC

This Accessory Makes you WALK in VR! - KAT VR Loco S

Start playing here: One of the biggest problems to overcome in VR is actually Locomotion, we are so used to use the joystick to actually move in games, but in VR things get a little more tricky, some companies tried to solve it ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 24 November, 2020 UTC

Oculus Quest 2 VR Cover - Enhance Comfort and Immersion! (Winter edition)

And yet another amazing Comfort accessory Mod for the Oculus Quest 2! Let's make the Headset not just more comfortable, but even more immersive with this new face cushion from VRcover! Let's discover it together in this video! Let's get into it! â–ºOrder ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 19 November, 2020 UTC

STAR WARS: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge - Gameplay No commentary (Oculus Quest 2)

Here we are with another amazing Star Wars VR game from ILMxLAB, this time we will travel to the planet Batuu blast our way through many different adventures, in a more gameplay and gunplay driven experience. Let's discover together the first hour of ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 18 November, 2020 UTC

These Gloves Make You and Robots Feel Touch in VR!

It's not the first time that we talk about Gloves or different solutions to make you feel the Touch or other forces in VR. And this is somehow very interesting because researchers at Cornell University created a stretchable skin that detects touch, pressure ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 16 November, 2020 UTC

How To UPDATE the Oculus Quest 2!

Too many times we saw the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Quest 2 getting new updates, but they are nowhere to be found on our devices! Sometimes we have had to wait days and weeks to get them. So in this video we are gonna see how to manually install updates ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 13 November, 2020 UTC

Oculus Quest 2 Update v23 is HERE! 90Hz, New Link & Gifts!

After a long wait the New Update for the Oculus Quest 2 is Finally HERE, bringing 90Hz in the entire system, getting Link out of the Beta, bumping up resolution and refresh rate and finally enabling the Gift options in app and more! Let's discover it ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 11 November, 2020 UTC

Oculus Quest 2 KILLING PC VR!?

Since the Oculus Quest 2 arrived on the market, the VR world was taken by a storm, This little headset was able to bring immersive and amusing VR Games and Experiences to the masses, but the Hype and the success kind of casted a shadow on the PC VR ecosystem! ... more - [email protected]