Monday, 12 September, 2022 UTC


  1. Fast Loading
  2. Memory Optimization
  3. Great for large projects
  4. Post build/apk asset customization (without your users having to redownload the app)
  1. Download Addressables package in Unity
  2. Download Cloud Content Delivery package in Unity
  3. Make a prefab you want to use, mark as addressable
  4. Adjust AddressableAssetSettings to use “Remote” & “Build Remote Catalog” (key to allowing the overwrite / post build customization)
  5. Create CCD bucket for release
  6. Adjust selected Addressable Profile “Remote” to use appropriate CCD bucket
  7. Addressables.InstantiateAsync & Addressables.Release your specified addressable (look up documentation for greater depth on these functions — basically the equivalent of GameObject.Instantiate & GameObject.Destroy)
  8. New Build “Default Build Script”
  9. Upload the asset bundle and all to CCD bucket, release
  10. Change whatever you’d like in the Addressable Asset you’ve made (ie use some different material)
  11. Build > “Update Previous Build” (warning: “New Build” will overwrite previous and not allow the post build customization to work)
  12. Delete out old asset bundles etc from CCD bucket, add the new updated asset bundles etc to CCD bucket
  13. Create new release (and release)
  14. Wait a few minutes, should see change in current apk/build, without actually building a new apk
  • Two most important aspects to making sure your change of an asset is reflected remotely: #3 & #9
  • potentially will add gifs for improved instruction clarity

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