Thursday, 30 July, 2020 UTC


Gadgeteer, the VR puzzle and Rube Goldberg machine game, will be leaving Early Access on all platforms on August 27. The full release will include the launch of several new features, including the ability to share and play levels online.
The game, developed by Metanaut, released in Early Access for PC VR in April last year, followed by a Quest release in October. The game currently features a campaign and sandbox mode and is about creating and solving puzzles using marbles, dominoes, wooden blocks and a bunch of different gadgets. It’s essentially a limitless Rube Goldberg machine game in VR, allowing you to create and solve amazing contraptions in bigger, better and easier ways than you could in real life.
However, the full release will see the game updated to version 1.0, including extensive and new online level sharing and downloading support. Players will be able to upload their Gadgeteer levels online, ‘Like’ and bookmark others’ creations and sort through categories for hot, new or popular levels. You can even filter levels by sandbox or puzzle, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for.
To help players create puzzle levels akin to those in the campaign, a new ‘Puzzle Designer’ feature will also launch in the full release. This will let you create obstacles and restrict which gadgets can be used to solve the level, just like in the campaign. 40 new gadgets, which are currently being tested in beta, will also be available in the full release, including items like rubber duckies, bowling balls and bars of soap.
While Gadgeteer was already fairly fleshed out, these new level building and online sharing capabilities should significantly open up the game and provide players with heaps more replayability for a long time to come.
The full release is scheduled for August 27, but existing owners of the game who wish to try out the new features early can sign up for an open beta in mid-August.
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