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Friday, 14 April, 2023 UTC

New Half-Life: Alyx No VR Mod Removes The Best Thing About The Game

A new ‘NoVR’ mod from the GB_2 Development Team lets you play through Half-Life: Alyx without a VR headset… if you really want to. Following previous attempts at No VR mods for Half-Life: Alyx, GB_2 Development Team’s free mod lets you complete the story ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Pistol Whip Official Modding Tool Enters Open Beta

Cloudhead Games revealed that the official Pistol Whip modding tool arrives next month for PC VR, and you can try it now through an open beta. First revealed during our Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022, Pistol Mix is the anticipated modding tool for creating ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

5v5 Tactical Multiplayer Shooter Breachers Available Now On Quest, Pico & PC VR

Breachers, a new 5v5 tactical multiplayer team-based shooter from the developers of Hyper Dash, is available today on Quest, Pico and PC VR platforms. Breachers takes cues from Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering multiplayer ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Kill It With Fire VR Offers An Arachnophobia Nightmare Today On Quest, PC VR

Kill It With Fire VR is out now on Quest 2 and PC VR, offering an absolute nightmare immersive experience for anyone with arachnophobia. Initially released for flatscreen platforms, this new Kill It With Fire port brings the indie spider-hunting game ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Guest Post: How CM Games Ported Into The Radius To Quest

In spring 2021, our VR team in CM Games decided to port the PC version of Into the Radius VR to the Meta Quest Store. We released it in September 2022 and had it paid off in a week. Now it’s time to share the details. This article will be helpful for ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Firewall Ultra Hands-On: Blinded By The Light On PSVR 2

First Contact Entertainment gave me something new to experience in consumer VR with a recent hands-on demo of Firewall Ultra. The 4v4 tactical shooter coming “soon” to PSVR 2 gave me a new tactic to try. I found myself attempting to assault my enemy’s ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Call of the Sea VR Sets Sails For Quest 2 Today

Call of the Sea VR brings the Bafta-nominated puzzle adventure to virtual reality, and it’s out today on Quest 2. Developed by Out of the Blue and published by Raw Fury, Call of the Sea VR relies on puzzle-solving over combat. Set in the 1930s, this ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 UTC

Dead Hook Looks Like Doom VFR On Quest 2, Arrives This May

Reminiscent of Doom VFR, Dead Hook brings a new VR roguelike shooter from Stride developer Joy Way, coming to Quest 2 next month. Developed by Joy Way (the studio also working on upcoming games Red Flowers and Stack), Dead Hook promises an “explosive ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 UTC

Zenith: The Last City Introduces PvP Combat In Next Update

Zenith: The Last City receives a new PvP mode in the upcoming Skyward Summit update, introducing 1v1 fights and team duels. Announcing this Zenith: The Last City addition through PlayStation Blog, developer Ramen VR offered a first look at this new mode ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 UTC

Peacock Available Now On Quest 2 & Quest Pro, Includes 3 Months Free Access

NBC’s streaming service Peacock is now available on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro, including three free months of Peacock Premium for existing Quest owners. The Peacock app goes live today for Quest users in the United States (and certain US territories), ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 UTC

Gambit! VR Review: A Short Ride That Misses The Mark

This four-player co-op shooter by XREAL Games is now available for Quest and PC VR platforms. It promises a rich action-packed campaign but instead delivers a repetitive experience that’s over way too quickly – read on for our review. Gambit! follows ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 UTC

Afterlife VR Scares Up A PSVR 2 Release On April 19

Following its Steam release last September, Afterlife VR brings a new horror game to PSVR 2 next week. Not to be confused with Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife by Fast Travel Games, Afterlife VR from Split Light Studio promises a “twisted story” set ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 UTC

Dreams Ends Updates In September, PSVR 2 Version Ruled Out

Media Molecule confirms it’s shutting down live service support for Dreams this September, also ruling out a PSVR 2 port. Three years after releasing Dreams, Media Molecule revealed it made the decision “to shift our focus to an exciting new project,” ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 UTC

Egyptian DLC Course Coming To Walkabout Mini Golf On April 20

A new Egyptian-themed DLC course is coming to Walkabout Mini Golf on April 20. A tweet from the Walkabout account revealed the new course, called ‘Temple at Zerzura’: The ultimate sand trap—the Sahara Desert—recedes after a thousand years, revealing ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 UTC

Propagation: Paradise Hotel Gets May Release Date & New Cinematic Trailer

Propagation: Paradise Hotel will release May 4 for Meta Quest and SteamVR. Developers WanadevStudio unveiled the date alongside a new cinematic trailer, embedded below. We first heard about the survival horror game over a year ago, announced as a sequel ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 UTC

Pavlov Tops PlayStation Store PSVR 2 Charts In March

We have our first full month of PlayStation Store chart rankings for PSVR 2, with Pavlov taking out the top spot for the month. Each month, the PlayStation blog posts a ranking of the top downloads for the PlayStation Store across each platform. Sony ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 UTC

Preview: Amid Evil VR Offers Promising Retro Shooter Movement & Combat

Amid Evil, which initially released four years ago on PC, is coming to VR platforms later this month. Boasting a diverse arsenal of weapons and responsive movement, it’s a great homage to classic boomer shooters, like Heretic, Unreal Tournament, Quake ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 6 April, 2023 UTC

Tennis League VR Spins Onto Quest 2 This Month – New Trailer & Arcade Mode Revealed

Tennis League VR is coming to Quest headsets this month, set to release on April 20. Announced last year, Tennis League VR wants to bring the full tennis experience into virtual reality, with several options for play. Developer AnotheReality says it’s ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 6 April, 2023 UTC

Crimen – Mercenary Tales Brings Slasher Arcade Action To Quest Next Month

Crimen – Mercenary Tales is a new VR release from The Wizards developer Carbon Studio, bringing 17th century arcade action to Quest 2 in May. Featuring comic-inspired graphics, the game features eight tales narrated by eight characters, all set across ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 6 April, 2023 UTC

John Carmack Shares Vision For Instant VR In Bosworth Podcast

The newest episode of Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth’s podcast reveals a range of technical and strategic insights from VR expert and independent AI researcher John Carmack. Carmack formally left Meta in December to focus on developing Artificial General Intelligence ... more - uploadvr

Thursday, 6 April, 2023 UTC

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update Adds New Corruption Mechanics

Hello Games launched the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky across all platforms today, featuring major new mechanics for the planetary exploration game. No Man’s Sky’s continues to layer on new features into the cross-platform title years on from its ... more - uploadvr

Wednesday, 5 April, 2023 UTC

The UploadVR Showcase Returns June 2023! Here’s How To Apply

The UploadVR Summer Showcase is returning in June and we’re looking for games to include! Over the last five years, developers and publishers behind some of VR’s biggest games have chosen the UploadVR Showcase as the place to premiere their most exciting ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 4 April, 2023 UTC

Gambit! Releases This Week, New Municipal Mayhem PvP Mode Revealed

After multiple delays, Gambit! is set to release this week on April 6 for Quest and PC VR. XREAL Games, the team behind Zero Caliber VR, first unveiled the co-operative VR heist shooter back in 2020. Initially set to release in 2021, it then faced delays ... more - uploadvr

Tuesday, 4 April, 2023 UTC

Fruit Ninja VR 2 Slices Onto Quest, Pico & PC VR Platforms This Week

Fruit Ninja VR 2 now has a final release date, set to launch later this week on April 6 for Quest, Pico and PC VR. Halfbrick Studios says the sequel will feature the return of Classic, Arcade and Zen modes from the original, now “juicier than ever.” ... more - uploadvr

Monday, 3 April, 2023 UTC

OpenXR Toolkit Brings Quest Pro Foveated Rendering To PC VR Link

OpenXR Toolkit added eye-tracked foveated rendering support for Meta Quest Pro. As the name suggests, OpenXR Toolkit improves and adds features to PC VR titles that use the OpenXR open standard API. That includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, iRacing, ... more - uploadvr

Monday, 3 April, 2023 UTC

Owlchemy Demo Reaches For Mass Market VR With Hand Tracking

The most technically impressive VR demo I tried at GDC 2023 felt familiar. I passed objects back and forth between my hands, tossed them into the air and caught them, twisted dials, grabbed and used spray bottles and typed on a keyboard by pinching one ... more - uploadvr

Monday, 3 April, 2023 UTC

Gorn Now Available On PSVR 2, Passes 1.5 Million Sales On All Platforms

Bloody combat simulator Gorn is now available on PlayStation VR2 for PS5. In a bit of surprise news last week, Devolver Digital announced that Gorn is now available for PSVR 2 on PS5. Even better, those players who already own the game on PS4 for the ... more - uploadvr

Sunday, 2 April, 2023 UTC

Pin City Shows Promise With Zany VR Bowling Scenarios

In the roughly 15-minute demo of Pin City I played at PAX East 2023, I hurled my bowling ball over fires, through tunnels and into halfpipes. Put simply, it looks like Studio 217 is making sure the game lives up to its ‘VR bowling with a twist’ subtitle. ... more - uploadvr

Sunday, 2 April, 2023 UTC

Exclusive: Capcom Talks Bringing Resident Evil Village To PSVR 2, Future Plans & More

Resident Evil Village is easily one of the best experiences available for PSVR 2 at launch. Last week, we spoke to Capcom over Q&A about bringing Village’s VR Mode to life on PlayStation VR2 – here are the highlights, with a full transcript of the ... more - uploadvr

Saturday, 1 April, 2023 UTC

A Knight In The Attic Preview: An Arthurian Tilt Maze Rolling Onto Quest 2, PC VR

I love it when games surprise me the way A Knight In The Attic did. Not to discount the fun that comes from VR’s most popular genres, but this felt like something I’d never seen before. At PAX East 2023, I played the first 20 minutes of an early demo ... more - uploadvr