Wednesday, 1 December, 2021 UTC


HTC VIVE is excited to announce that the hand tracking feature on our premium enterprise VR headset, VIVE Focus 3, has received significant performance, stability, and accuracy improvements. These benefits are unlocked with our latest firmware version 3.1, available for free to all customers worldwide starting today.
With our upgraded hand tracking engine, navigating VR environments using your hands is more natural and reliable than ever. Fast hand movements are tracked with precision and ease. Pinch-to-interact is even more accurate, and we now support hand tracking during the room setup process.
Using hand tracking on VIVE Focus 3 couldn’t be easier. Simply put down the controllers and raise your hands into view, and VIVE Focus 3 will automatically begin tracking your hands in real-time with its 26-point skeletal hand modelling system.
In addition to stability and performance improvements, we also have an eye towards features. Developers are able to easily integrate six predefined hand gestures into their VR applications for a wide variety of use cases. What’s more, our hand tracking engine is OpenXR compliant and highly resource efficient.
Being able to navigate virtual environments naturally and intuitively will go a long way towards making VR more accessible to everyone, no matter their familiarity with technology. As we step into the metaverse era, we couldn’t be more excited to bring these quality-of-life improvements to all VIVE Focus 3 customers around the world.
For more information on integrating HTC VIVE’s hand tracking engine, please refer to our developer hub.
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