Friday, 18 November, 2022 UTC


Quest Pro’s browser now supports local dimming in WebXR content.
It’s an experimental opt-in feature, so to enable it you’ll need to navigate to chrome://flags and search for ‘WebXR Local Dimming’.
Regular LCD displays have at most a few backlight LEDs which control the brightness of the display. Quest Pro’s panels have over 500 Mini LED backlights, so it can control the brightness of individual tiny regions. This is called Local Dimming. It enables LCD to deliver contrast and black levels gap closer to OLED.
Local Dimming is an opt-in per-app feature on Quest Pro. In native apps, this opt-in is done by the developers, but for WebXR it’s a user-side toggle.
Meta WebXR engineer Rik Cabanier put out a request on Twitter for any incorrect rendering issues caused by Local Dimming. If none are found, Cabanier said, Meta could turn the feature on by default.