Friday, 20 August, 2021 UTC


#VIVEPORTAL Phase 1 Highlights
Phase 1 of our very first ARG has come to an end! The free thinkers from our time period have successfully identified the location and venue of the #VIVEPORTAL, the V hotel of Dubai.  They’ve also solved the secret itinerary for those who are destined to channel their creativity through the portal, thus saving the future from the overseers and their mind-viruses.
We would like to thank everyone who took on the challenge and solved Jordan Snowe and Vee’s riddles to locate the flowstream portal.
The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive.  It was inspiring to see community members and content creators unite to take on the challenges together. 
If you missed Phase 1, or if you are curious to see how to solve the puzzles, here’s a step by step guide on reach the answers:
Round One: #VIVEPORTAL Location
Round Three: #VIVEPORTAL Itinerary
Phase 2 is nigh!
While Phase 1 nominated prominent community members to brave the #VIVEPORTAL, Phase 2 is calling upon all VR enthusiasts. Yes, that means YOU can also be chosen to go to the #VIVEPORTAL at the V Hotel in Dubai.
We will soon be revealing a series of mini-challenges for you to take on. The only thing you need is your creative self and an authentic love for VR. Owning VR gear is not a requirement to participate, although we encourage anyone who does, to use it.  We hope that you take on these challenges and unlock the next level of your creativity.
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Stay virtual~
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