Friday, 3 December, 2021 UTC


HTC VIVE is thrilled to share that our premium all-in-one VR headset, VIVE Focus 3, has today received the 2021 Best in Biz Gold Award for Enterprise Product of the Year in the category of Hardware. The Gold Award is the highest ranking granted by Best in Biz, highlighting the combination of form, function, versatility, and cutting-edge tech on display in VIVE Focus 3.
This year, Best in Biz received more than 700 entries covering a wide range of startups and established global brands. “This year’s entries were of exceptionally high caliber,” said Joseph Pete, Times of Northwest Indiana, judging his third Best in Biz program. “Any would have been deserving of recognition and any could have won were it not for the high level of competition. The entries displayed an impressive list of accomplishments as well as quantifiable achievement.” 
“We’re honored to receive this prestigious award from Best in Biz,” said Daniel O’Brien, General Manager, HTC Americas. “Every aspect of VIVE Focus 3 was designed with enterprise in mind, from its hot-swappable battery to its magnetic removable gasket, and its wide IPD range. We couldn’t be more proud of our product teams who worked tirelessly to bring VIVE Focus 3 to life. It’s a tremendous achievement.”
VIVE Focus 3 launched in June 2021 and has received widespread acclaim for its premium build quality, comprehensive feature set, and cutting-edge tech. The all-in-one wireless headset includes a combined 5K resolution across two displays, a 90Hz refresh rate, and a breathtaking 120-degree field of view. Its rechargeable battery is easily swapped out during long sessions, and its face gasket is made of easy-to-clean PU leather trim, which makes it perfect for sharing between different users in a workplace setting.
Tom’s Hardware says, “HTC VIVE Focus 3 is the best standalone headset that we’ve tested. The screens are great, the performance is excellent, the field of view exceeds the competition by a significant margin, and the tracking is phenomenal.”
To learn more about VIVE Focus 3, visit the product website here.
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