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Work made easier, wherever you are
VIVE Flow pushed the boundaries of XR, with a form factor that hadn’t been seen before. Lighter than the average smartphone, a compact format that fits easily into a backpack, and it even has built-in diopters. Diving into immersive experiences has never been easier.
Around the world the trend for flexible working has continued, with people splitting time between working-from-home and travelling to the office. It’s important to have options for how employees can continue to collaborate and learn, no-matter where they are.
In addition, we’re continuing to see strong examples of the positive impact VR-based interactions can have. Whether it’s for training, distance learning, bringing immersive experiences into the classroom, location-based entertainment, healthcare and rehabilitation, and much more. A large study by global leading consultancy PwC saw participants complete training up to 4x faster in VR than classroom training, while still being more focused and connected to the content.
So, HTC VIVE is introducing VIVE Flow Business Edition, featuring optimised software, and business warranty support.
VIVE Flow Business Edition gives organisations a new tool to deliver immersive experiences effortlessly. New software includes ‘kiosk mode’ which means content can be set for users to experience – queued up and remotely triggered – perfect for exhibiting at a trade show or running training sessions.
A powerful and flexible enterprise-ready solution, VIVE Flow Business Edition also comes with VIVE Business Warranty & Services (including a two-year commercial warranty, and expedited return/replacement if needed).
“VIVE Flow Business Edition is a ground-breaking VR glasses device that will enable healthcare organizations across the US and worldwide to leverage VR capabilities to improve patients’ lives,” said Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.
To create simpler and more intuitive experiences, HTC VIVE is also introducing Controller for VIVE Flow. This optional 3DoF controller can be paired with VIVE Flow or VIVE Flow Business Edition, giving users another way to control VIVE Flow.
Controller for VIVE Flow’s tactile buttons make it even easier to use at events with high turnover or for people unfamiliar with VR. From enjoying content and games to exhibiting at events or working from home, its intuitive controls help users navigate menus and immersive experiences with ease.
”VIVE Flow is the ideal companion device for Focal Point VR – the lightweight and easy to use form factor and great colour depth displays make it the perfect headset for remote viewers to comfortably ”virtually’ teleport to live events or to enjoy longform on demand 360 video content from live events and sports.” Jonathan Newth, CEO Focal Point VR
You can find out more about VIVE Flow Business Edition at and in Europe there’ll be a B2B webinar on Tuesday 5th July 2022 at 11:00AM-12:00PM BST. To learn more and sign up, head to
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