Friday, 20 November, 2020 UTC


KAT VR announced the Kat Loco S today, an updated model of their wearable locomotion system, which is available to order now.
The Loco system provides users with wearable tracking pucks that allow the bottom half of your body to be tracked and used as an input method in VR. By attaching KAT Loco trackers to your legs, you can then walk on the spot to move in VR, as opposed to using artificial methods like a joystick.
This also lets the head and the body operate independently – the head can be looking one way while the body moves in another direction.
The KAT Loco S is the second generation of this technology, succeeding the original KAT Loco that released last year. It features improved motion sensors and new magnetic interference resistance, which KAT says improves stability and performance, as well as simplifying setup and calibration.
In terms of compatibility, the KAT Loco S will work with “all major headsets” including Quest and Quest 2 when used for SteamVR content via Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop. KAT Loco S also works with PlayStation VR, but will require an additional adapter. Keyboard support will also allow players to use the system in non-VR games as well.
The KAT Loco S will cost $229, a slight increase from the original $199 price point, but all units ordered before November 27 will receive a 20% discount, and a 15% discount until December 31.