Tuesday, 22 November, 2022 UTC


Meta revealed its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale offerings today, with big discounts available across the Quest range and bundles with bulk discounts on multiple titles.
There’s a really comprehensive set of discounts available across the entire catalogue of Quest 2 experiences, so you’re best checking out the full list yourself here.
However, there’s a few notable discounts worth pointing out. Little Cities, the poignant and expertly-designed VR city simulator, is available for $9.99 (50% off), while the VR adaption of classic puzzle game Myst is available for $17.99 (40% off). Resident Evil 4 is available for $23.99 (40% off).
Ultrawings 2 (which we gave an essential rating in our review in February) is available at a 40% discount as well, bringing it down to just $14.99. Meanwhile survival game Green Hell VR and multiplayer tabletop dungeon crawler Demeo are both discounted down to $19.99 each (33% off). If rhythm games are more to your liking, then Ragnorock is just $12.49 (50% off).
That’s just a small selection of the individual discounts, but there’s also a series of bundles available. The Fight to the Finish Pack includes Gorn, Contractors and Superhot for $39.99 (9% off), while the Stayin’ Alive Pack includes Population: One and Onward for $32.99 (10% off). If simulators are more your vibe, then the Simulators Pack includes Vacation Simulator, Cooking Simulator VR and Thief Simulator VR for $43.99 (13% off).
There’s a few other bundles offering similar levels of discounts, but the bundle with the largest discount is the Enchantment Bundle, which includes Wands Alliances and Down the Rabbit Hole for $23.99 (39% off).
There’s also a rotating Daily Deal, which changes each morning at 10am PT. At the time of writing, the current offer is 50% off Arizona Sunshine, bringing it down to $19.99 for the next few hours.
The Meta Quest Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale runs until 10am PT on November 29. You can view the full list of discounts here.