Friday, 16 October, 2020 UTC


Population: One cross-buy support was just confirmed by developer BigBox.
The developer took to Reddit to confirm the news. Cross-buy means that, if you buy the upcoming battle royale shooter on either the Quest or Rift stores, you’ll get the other version free of charge. Sadly it doesn’t work through Steam; you’ll have to buy the game on Facebook’s platforms if you’re hoping to get both PC VR and standalone versions.

Population: One Cross-Buy Support Confirmed

So if you have both a Rift and Quest you’ll be able to switch between the wireless Quest version and — we’d assume — better graphics on PC. Or, if you only have a Quest or Quest 2, you could plug it into a powerful PC and enjoy the game via Oculus Link.
We’ve played the game on Quest already, where the visuals hold up pretty well. Population: One matches take place on a large map in which teams of three battle it out to the death. As with Fortnite and other battle royale shooters, it’s a game of last man standing; get knocked out and you’ll be out of the running until the next match.
Not only is Population: One cross-buy support happening, but the game is cross-play too. That means players across Rift, Quest and Steam can all compete and team up together.
Not long to go now – Population: One launches on October 22nd on PC VR and Quest. A PSVR version is planned for later down the line too. Will you be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on YouTube for more coverage.