Monday, 24 January, 2022 UTC


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is getting an all-new standalone installment named titled Chapter 2: Retribution.
Developer Skydance Interactive made the announcement today around the second anniversary of the hit VR game’s release. There’s no trailer or images of the game yet but it’s being referred to as a “new chapter of the Tourist’s story”, confirming we’ll step back into the shoes of the protagonist of the original game. Key art does suggest players will be able to wield a chainsaw, too.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution Announced

To be clear, Retribution doesn’t sound like a full sequel to the original game but instead a follow-up story that can be played independently from the original release. Final release platforms haven’t been confirmed but, given the original game released on Quest, PSVR and PC VR, it’s a good bet they’ll arrive there (Update: It’s now been confirmed for Quest but other platforms are still pending).
We can decipher a few hints from the ending to Saints & Sinners’ recent Aftershocks’ update, though (spoilers for that update follow). Players that solved the update’s final trial stumbled upon what appeared to be the hideout of a new enemy that wants the Tourist dead. There was also reference to New Orleans’ French Quarter, suggesting players might be heading to an all-new area in this chapter.
Saints & Sinners remains one of our highest-rated VR games to date, so we’ll gladly welcome more. Skydance also today confirmed that the game has now made $60 million in revenue since launch in 2020. Fingers crossed we might also see this new release arrive on Sony’s PSVR 2 headset in the future.
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