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How Virtual Engagement has Changed Forever

In real life business has changed drastically and now virtual engagement has become a bit of a social norm and it’s definitely for the better. So, what is next for virtual reality, augmented reality, and how people connect? And what does it mean for brands and businesses?
Virtual meetings are part of the experience mix
“Virtual” anything is no longer a game, gimmick or fad and is seen as a legitimate and cost-effective solution and tool. Brands and businesses both large and small are embracing different ways to virtually offer their products and services. And they are starting to look beyond the customer and view how to use these tools of engagement internally for education and training. Imagine virtual 3D environments that mimic real spaces, are completely immersive and interactive, and can be accessed via the web? Sounds pretty farfetched doesn’t it? Not anymore as tools like the intuitive XUREAL Engine are using VR, AR, 3D, and interactive 360º environments to help brands offer more to their customers and employees.
Xureal.com Virtual Experience Engine
Not mainstream just yet but it's getting there. Augmented and Virtual Reality has expanded from wearable headsets to websites and phone experiences. Now that devices and data speeds are getting more powerful viewing AR products or VR environments is no longer the, expensive and hard to come by, experiences it once was.

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These products are creating positive, meaningful engagements and are now used for communication, visualization, and entertainment. Don’t expect it to stop there as AR and VR are slowly merging with real-life events to create hybrid events that allow even more people to experience IRL moments without being physically present.
360º Virtual Experiences with interactive hotspots
Your reach just expanded tenfold. Imagine the possibilities as you are now able to provide detailed, real-time engagement with customers, clients, and staff simultaneously along with real-life events. Sales pitches don’t require just a boardroom anymore, an expanded virtual environment can be made to showcase new services, pitch ideas, and play with products in 3D augmented reality. Sales, marketing, and training can be done halfway across the world with the same level of intensity and depth as if you were in a live room.
Products with Virtual Engagement
Be ready and don’t get left out of the mix. Don’t assume that VR, AR, and XR are going to fade away or the so-called novelty will wear off. These are now legitimate business practices and services you should include in your marketing mix. If your audience has a computer, phone, or any access to the internet then virtual engagement can be applied. Real Estate and Hospitality are using XR for virtual tours including 360º visuals with interactive hotspots, Healthcare is using it for training and wayfinding in hospitals, and Tech and software are using it to showcase new products, educate consumers and train staff. The possibilities are “virtually” endless when it comes to this innovative version of engagement.
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