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Saturday, 3 June, 2023 UTC

Meta Quest 3's BIGGEST Problem

I share my thoughts on the Meta Quest 3 that has just been revealed. We'll be talking about how the Apple Reality Pro could help it sell, what VR games Quest 3 needs and how the price plays a major role in the launch of this new mixed reality headset. ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 1 June, 2023 UTC

Best Quest 3 Games Coming In 2023 And Beyond!

These are the best upcoming Meta Quest 3 games including Assassins Creed: Nexus, Attack on Titan VR and Asgard's Wrath 2. Can't wait to play these new games on the Oculus/Meta Quest 3 and touch plus controllers. Sadly no GTA San Andreas VR :( Sale and ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 1 June, 2023 UTC

This Is New Meta Quest 3!

The Meta/Oculus Quest 3 has just been announced by Meta! Coming this Fall. Fingers crossed this will bring us bigger and better VR games! #vr #metaquest3 #oculusquest3 ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 UTC

Hello Neighbor VR Is The Scariest Horror Game Yet (Quest 2)

We play Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue on Oculus Meta Quest 2, a game full of VR horror & puzzle gameplay packed with jumpscares and mysteries. In this review I do a quick walkthrough and share my review on how good Hello Neighbor: Search and ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 18 May, 2023 UTC

I Played The Best Free Quest 2 Games

These are the best free VR games you can play on the Oculus Meta Quest 2 including Gorilla Tag, VRChat and Rec Room. #gorillatag #vr #gaming ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 17 May, 2023 UTC

Mark Zuckerberg testing driving in VR

Mark Zuckerberg shows how Meta is experimenting with mixed reality experiences for passengers that accurately anchor objects, even in fast moving cars using Quest. Is this the future of driving? #technology #mixedreality #meta ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 12 May, 2023 UTC

I Tried The Museum Of The Future

I tried this insane VR experience that lets you enter a virtual reality museum featuring art by Maxim Zhestkov, called Modules. It blends architecture, sculpture, films and music together in a super immersive experience that is totally free btw. You can ... more - [email protected]

Tuesday, 9 May, 2023 UTC

I Became Spider-Man In VR!

I became Spider-Man in glorious Virtual Reality. In this video I'm revisiting one of the first Spider-Man VR movie experiences that you could play on the PlayStation VR and Oculus headsets on PC. Now the real question is when are we finally going to see ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 10 April, 2023 UTC


Today I'm playing Call of the Sea VR on the Oculus/Meta Quest 2, a puzzle game that gives me huge Indiana Jones vibes. In it you go on an adventure to find your husband who mysteriously disappeared during an expedition on a beautiful island in the pacific. ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 7 April, 2023 UTC

The BEST Upcoming PSVR2 Games You MUST Play!

Here are the best upcoming PSVR2 games that you have to play featuring experiences like Aliens VR, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Resident Evil 4, Assassins Creed Nexus and Hello Neighbor VR. All coming soon to PlayStation VR2! 0:00 - Intro 0:14 - Best ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 24 March, 2023 UTC

I Played The Best Spider-Man VR Games Ever Made!

I played the best Spider-Man VR games & experiences on the Oculus Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. We'll be diving into free and paid titles such as Bonelab, Rec Room and VRChat. Fingers crossed these will come to PSVR2 as well! VRChat Spider-Man ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 22 March, 2023 UTC

Resident Evil 4 in VR is so immersive!

Resident Evil 4 in VR is such an immersive survival experience! #residentevil #vr #gaming ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 17 March, 2023 UTC

PSVR2 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features You NEED To Try!

Here are the best tips and tricks for PSVR2. I will be showing you how to level up your PlayStation VR2 by showing how to get free games, using Discord on PSVR2, highlight its cinematic mode, extending the cable and using it in combination with PC VR's ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 10 March, 2023 UTC

PSVR2 Review | Unboxing, Setup, Tips & Best VR Games

Here's my PSVR2 review! I will show how to setup PlayStation VR2, check out its cinematic mode, play the best PSVR2 Games like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon and Resident Evil Village plus my personal VR experience with the headset and its sense controllers. ... more - [email protected]

Saturday, 25 February, 2023 UTC

Horizon VR Call of the Mountain On PSVR2 MOST Epic Gameplay!

Here's my PSVR2 review and gameplay of Horizon VR Call of The Mountain on PlayStation VR2. This is one of the best PSVR2 games out there and based on Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. It uses eye tracking, face haptics, PS5's adaptive triggers and ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 22 February, 2023 UTC

Resident Evil Village VR On PSVR2 Blew Me AWAY!

Here's epic gameplay of Resident Evil Village VR on PSVR2. Res 8 is definitely one of the best VR games I have ever played on PlayStation VR2. In this Resident Evil video we visit Lady Dimitrescu and I show you how the PSVR2 sense controllers and face ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 20 February, 2023 UTC

This PSVR2 Simulator Game is TOO REAL to be VR...

We play the best and most realistic looking PSVR2 simulator game called Kayak VR: Mirage. This PlayStation VR2 title lets you hop into a boat and explore stunning locations with next level virtual reality graphics. Check out Kayak VR ... more - [email protected]

Saturday, 18 February, 2023 UTC

The BEST VR Survival Game On PSVR2 - Song in the Smoke

Today I'm playing Song in the Smoke Rekindled on PSVR2, the ultimate VR survival game. With PlayStation VR2 you will have to survive the jungle by crafting your own tools, go hunting with your bow and create a campfire to keep you safe at night. A true ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 16 February, 2023 UTC

This Star Wars VR Game On PSVR2 Is NEXT LEVEL!

Today I'm playing Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge on PSVR2. This PlayStation VR2 Star Wars game lets you become a Jedi wielding a lightsaber, you get to meet C3PO and R2D2 and disguise yourself as a Stormtrooper to sabotage Darth Vader's empire. ... more - [email protected]

Monday, 13 February, 2023 UTC

The Ultimate VRChat Headset Is HERE! (Bigscreen Beyond)

I got to try the Bigscreen Beyond, the smallest OLED VR headset out there that you can use for VRChat, Sim Racing and watching movies in a big cinema. Could this be the best VR headset of 2023 next to the PSVR2 and Quest 2? Pre-Order Bigscreen Beyond! ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 2 February, 2023 UTC

PSVR2 Hands On | Unboxing, Setup, Tips & First Impressions

Here's my hands on of the PSVR2. In this video I will show how to setup the PlayStation VR2. I'll tell you what's in the box including the PSVR2 Sense Controllers, Eye Tracking and the Best VR Games. On top of that I do a cable extension test and dive ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 18 January, 2023 UTC

Why You Should Sell Your Quest 2 And Get A PSVR2

PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2 is a thing I hear a lot since the PSVR 2 was announced but is it a good moment to sell your Quest 2? and buy a PSVR2 or is it smarter to wait for Quest 3 as its release date is nearing. I will answer all these questions ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 6 January, 2023 UTC

How To Install & Play Minecraft On Quest 2 In 2023

Here's a fresh tutorial on how to install and play Minecraft VR on the Oculus Meta Quest 2 in 2023. After this SideQuest meets Questcraft guide you can dive into the single, multiplayer with friends or upgrade the game with mods. Minecraft: Java Edition ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 21 December, 2022 UTC

25 Best FREE Quest 2 Games That SAVE MONEY

These are the best free VR games you can play on your Meta and Oculus Quest 2 in 2023. It includes games such as Gorilla Tag, VRChat, Rec Room and an alternative to Bonelab called Physics Playground Get the Quest 2 Here! (affiliate ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 16 December, 2022 UTC

How to Pair Quest Pro Controllers With Your Quest 2

Today I'm showing you how to pair your Quest Pro controllers with the Meta Quest 2 giving extra tips in case your controller is not connecting or working properly. Also I talk about if these Quest Pro controllers are an upgrade in virtual reality. Meta ... more - [email protected]

Wednesday, 7 December, 2022 UTC

I Played The Most Realistic Looking VR Game On Quest 2

We are diving into Hubris, a sci-fi VR action adventure game with the best realistic graphics. You can play it on PC VR and its also coming to Oculus Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2. If you are into Halo, Alien and Doom this might be your jam. Its definitely ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 2 December, 2022 UTC

I Tried To Survive A Plane Crash in VR! (Flight Attendant Simulator)

Today we are playing Flight Attendant Simulator on Quest 2, a realistic VR training experience used to prepare cabin crew members for various scenarios such as fire on board and a plane crash in the ocean or ground. Pretty much the ultimate VR survival ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 UTC

Rainbow Six Siege In VR Is HERE! (Quest 2)

The Rainbow Six VR game we always wanted is here! Breachers is one of the best VR FPS games you can try right now on Quest 2. It is inspired by Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO. It launches on Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2 and PC VR headsets. If you like VR ... more - [email protected]

Thursday, 10 November, 2022 UTC

Becoming The Ultimate Impostor In Among Us VR!

We play Among Us VR on the Oculus Meta Quest 2! In this action-packed gameplay I will team up with creators like BMFVR, JayBratt and Beardo Benjo to show how to become expert Impostor in Among Us VR to ultimately take control over the ship. Get Among ... more - [email protected]

Friday, 4 November, 2022 UTC

Meta Quest Pro Review | Is It Better Than Quest 2?

Here's my review of the Meta Quest Pro, a mixed reality headset for business and maybe games? We start with the unboxing and from there try Quest Pro's face & eye tracking, mixed reality passthrough, foveated rendering, its new Pro controllers and ... more - [email protected]