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Friday, 20 May, 2022 UTC

Qualcomm Made Its New Wireless AR Smart Glasses A Little Less Dorky

Cutting the cord, and getting a little closer to consumer-ready, Qualcomm's newest smart glasses design immerse wearers in an augmented reality world ... more - slashgear

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 UTC

Apple Just Figured Out A Killer Use-Case For AR

Apple revealed several new accessibility features that'll be arriving on iOS and macOS devices soon. One of these features might've broken the AR floodgates. ... more - slashgear

Friday, 13 May, 2022 UTC

This Oculus Quest 2 Hack Lets You Use Discord And Spotify

Following a set of steps that involve sideloading apps and allowing your VR headset to use them, both Discord and Spotify can be utilized in an Oculus Quest 2. ... more - slashgear

Thursday, 12 May, 2022 UTC

What's The Difference Between VR And AR?

You've probably heard about VR and AR, but what's the difference between the two? While similar, each technology works in its own unique way. ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 11 May, 2022 UTC

Google's AR Glasses Could Finally Put Glass To Rest

Google doesn't have the best history with augmented reality glasses, but a new prototype revealed at Google I/O 2022 may finally right the AR ship. ... more - slashgear

Tuesday, 3 May, 2022 UTC

Meta's VR Headset Roadmap Leaks: Ambitious And Priced To Match

Meta's plan for future virtual reality headsets leaks with four VR devices likely headed to market in the months ahead -- each with its own plan of attack. ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 27 April, 2022 UTC

Things You Never Knew Your Oculus Quest 2 Could Do

Oculus Quest 2 is Meta's introduction to how it envisions the metaverse impacting our daily lives. There's a lot to know about this device. ... more - slashgear

Friday, 15 April, 2022 UTC

Pokemon GO Creator's Next AR Game Is All About Virtual Pets

Niantic, the company best known for its "Pokemon GO" hit, is going to try and launch another AR game, this one seemingly inspired by the Tamagotchi. ... more - slashgear

Friday, 15 April, 2022 UTC

Meta Project Cambria Leak Reveals What The Headset May Look Like

Though we still don't have any official details about Meta's anticipated AR/VR mixed reality headset, new images reportedly show its design. ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 13 April, 2022 UTC

Meta Planning AR Glasses For 2024: Could This Be Zuckerberg's 'iPhone Moment'?

In the not-too-distant future, you could be reading, writing, and interacting with friends and family members, all through a set of VR glasses. ... more - slashgear

Thursday, 17 March, 2022 UTC

Google May Have Found The Tech To Take AR Smart Glasses Mainstream

Google's track record with AR isn't exactly stellar, but a new deal may have secured it the tech needed to take smart glasses into the mainstream ... more - slashgear

Monday, 28 February, 2022 UTC

PS VR2 Release Leak Is Bad News For A Good Reason

The good news is we know what the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset and controllers look like. The bad news is we won't likely get to use them soon. ... more - slashgear

Friday, 25 February, 2022 UTC

The Latest Apple VR Leak Includes Some Exciting New Details

All signs are pointing toward an Apple AR/VR headset launch, but questions remain. If industry sources are correct, it may arrive this year packing iOS. ... more - slashgear

Tuesday, 22 February, 2022 UTC

At Long Last, This Is The PS VR2 Headset

Sony revealed their PlayStation 5's own virtual reality headset, also known as the PS VR2, with a smooth industrial design and comfort-aimed features. ... more - slashgear

Monday, 14 February, 2022 UTC

Motorola Made A 5G Scarf And VR Is To Blame

Motorola and Verizon created a device that hangs around the wearer's neck to provide 5G connectivity for a secondary device - likely a VR/AR headset. ... more - slashgear

Sunday, 13 February, 2022 UTC

Study Finds A Few Minutes In VR Cuts COVID-19 Frontline Worker Stress

The pandemic has stressed healthcare workers, and though that's not likely to change soon, researchers say only a few minutes in VR may offer some relief. ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 9 February, 2022 UTC

Apple realityOS spotted in code: is it AR/VR/MR time at last?

Apple’s planned AR/VR devices have been the subject of rumors for years at this point, but now we’re seeing some indications that we could finally be nearing release. References to a so-called realityOS, rumored to be the operating system at the core ... more - slashgear

Monday, 7 February, 2022 UTC

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset may pack Tobii’s advanced eye-tracking tech

Swedish company Tobii has revealed it is negotiating with Sony to potentially serve as its eye-tracking tech partner. Assuming the two reach a business agreement, Tobii says it’ll provide the eye-tracking tech for the Playstation VR2, Sony’s next-generation ... more - slashgear

Monday, 7 February, 2022 UTC

Microsoft engineer says HoloLens ‘doing great’ amid cancellation rumors

With all the buzz about the metaverse and related technologies, it’s only natural for questions to be raised about some of the existing products related to the concept. Microsoft’s HoloLens is a relatively new attempt at making augmented reality more ... more - slashgear

Sunday, 6 February, 2022 UTC

Meta adds VR “Personal Boundary” after harassment claims

Meta can’t seem to keep out of the headlines these days, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Last week, the company was in the news after its stocks were mauled by investors who reacted with horror at billions of dollars lost in pursuing its metaverse ... more - slashgear

Friday, 4 February, 2022 UTC

Firefox Reality axed as Mozilla gives up on VR browser

Mozilla has announced that Firefox Reality, the VR-based web browser it released in 2018, is being shuttered…sort of. According to the company, a version of the browser will live on as Wolvic, a new product from Igalia. The new browser will launch next ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 UTC

Meta stock mauled as Facebook reports billions in metaverse losses

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook and currently desperate to make the metaverse happen, has reported its Q4 and full year 2021 results, and if you thought the Oculus rebrand was bad then you haven’t seen the company’s VR losses. CEO Mark Zuckerberg ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 2 February, 2022 UTC

HoloLens 3 reportedly axed as Microsoft AR roadmap stumbles

The HoloLens 3, Microsoft’s anticipated third-generation mixed-reality headset, has reportedly been canceled. That’s according to unnamed sources who recently spoke with Insider, alleging a variety of internal issues that reportedly fueled the decision. ... more - slashgear

Tuesday, 25 January, 2022 UTC

Microsoft issues dire Office 365 phishing warning

Microsoft 365 customers could be at risk. The company has issued a warning for users of its office service, noting on Twitter that a potentially malicious app, currently called Upgrade, is going around via phishing emails sent to hundreds of Office 365 ... more - slashgear

Friday, 21 January, 2022 UTC

These exoplanets are teetering on the verge of destruction

Exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, are a hot topic in astronomy research right now. Recently, a team of astronomers has discovered some very hot exoplanets indeed – ones that are orbiting so close to their stars that they are soon to be ... more - slashgear

Thursday, 20 January, 2022 UTC

Google’s AR headset plans just leaked: Meta, meet Project Iris

The last few years have been a blur of rumors, leaks, and announcements about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets. For the most part, Google has remained pretty quiet. A bit of news has broken this week, making it appear that Google ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 19 January, 2022 UTC

Oculus Quest v37 update adds unexpected Apple support

The latest Oculus software update for the Quest 2 headset has arrived and it brings several additions to the virtual reality headset. Chief among these additions is official support for the Apple Magic Keyboard. Oculus originally added support for some ... more - slashgear

Friday, 14 January, 2022 UTC

Apple’s big 2022 AR headset plans may have derailed

Only a few days have passed since we last talked about the Apple augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR) headset, and we already have more to report. Unfortunately, this time, the news isn’t great. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s rumored AR headset may ... more - slashgear

Tuesday, 11 January, 2022 UTC

Apple’s future AR/MR headset may be years ahead of the competition

Over the past few months, rumors of work on an Apple augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR) headset have shaped up to be quite exciting. According to a recent report that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo prepared for investors, the upcoming Apple AR headset ... more - slashgear

Wednesday, 5 January, 2022 UTC

HTC’s new Vive Wrist Tracker makes VR more immersive

HTC is ready to expand the arsenal of add-ons available for its Vive Focus 3, starting with the new Vive Wrist Tracker. Built specifically to work with the Vive Focus 3’s inside-out tracking, the Vive Wrist Tracker features one-button pairing for easier ... more - slashgear